Baby Sunscreen SPF 50+ 150ml

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Albertino, the ICE CREAM CONE

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SPF 50+

Albertino is a friend that protects children during sun exposure, a sunscreen spray emulsion with a high protection factor. Its clear and rapid-absorption emulsion with a pleasantly smooth texture makes it suitable for delicate and fair baby skin.

Thanks to its original, efficient and photostable filter (a wide-ranging protection from UVB-UVA radiations), it efficaciously and naturally protects babies’ delicate skin from sunburns and rashes.

• water resistant

• Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

• Parabens free

• Artificial colouring free

• PEG free

• Each production batch is tested for Nickel*, Chromium*, Cobalt* (*<1ppm)

How to use:

Apply the sunscreen before exposure at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. Frequently reapply to ensure protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

Apply a plentiful dose of product on the whole body (2mg/cm2 = 6 teaspoons of sunscreen): by lowering this quantity you’d greatly reduce the protection factor.


Don’t expose babies to the sun without protection. Avoid sun exposure between 12:00am and 03:00pm. Avoid prolonged exposure: excessive exposures can be really dangerous for health.