Lice Foam Kit 150ml

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It’s a complete lice treatment that consists of a foam to wash out lice and lice eggs, and a special fine-toothed comb to remove them. The formula, made with lavender and tea tree essential oils, is designed to act on lice and eggs, suffocating them. The foam formula makes this product delicate, effective, better tollerated and easy to apply. It can be used on adults and children as from six month old. There are no medical objections to the use during pregnancy and lactation: you however should check with your doctor and pharmacist before using the product. The fine-toothed comb makes it possible to eliminate lice and eggs, without damaging the hair.

How to use:

Verify the presence of lice: helped by the fine-toothed comb carefully check in direct light each family member’s hair. Brush-out knotted hair and check lock by lock.

Closely monitor next to hair root, behind the ears and on the back of the head.

Apply the foam on dry hair, rub the dermis and spread the product along the hair whole lenght. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Rinse out with copious water.

Inspect the head using the Linea MammaBaby’s fine-toothed comb and revove lice and eggs.

Supplement the treatment washing the hair with Linea MammaBaby’s Post-Lice Treatment Shampoo .

Repeat this after 7 days.

Check each family member to verify the presence of lice. Use Linea MammaBaby’s Lice Preventing Lotion.

After each use, carefully clean the Linea MammaBaby’s fine-toothed comb and brush in warm soapy water, to prevent further infections.

Don’t forget to disinfect rooms, clothes, sheets, towels, brushes and combs that had direct contact with the head, by washing them at 60°C.

Lice Foam Kit is a EU medical device.

Read carefully the instructions.