A Quality Policy

Olcelli Farmaceutici, under the supervision of a Technical Manager and a Quality Assurance Manager, acts accordingly to the GMPand the rules of Internetional Settlements for Safety and Quality (UNI EN ISO  9001-2015).

Overall Principles

  • To take evergrowing care of environment, health and safety on work, by orienting R&D towards environmental-friendly formulas, with organic, natural and vegetal components.

  • To teach, enact and support the Quality Policy and the general goals set by Senior Management, on every level inside and outside the Company.

  • To assess and assign roles and responsibilities on every level, in order to inform, involve and assign responsibilitiy the personnel towards the achievement of the quality goals.

  • To set and enact monitoring programs, avoiding non-conformities.

  • To implement continuous improvement processes on business quality systems, customers satisfaction, internal communication, resource management, process indicators, compliance to and implementation of the current laws.

  • To continuously activate expansion strategies on Europea ed International markets, pursuing a Quality Policy aimed at providing the customer with a high level product/service, fully meeting their expectations.

  • All Olcelli Farmaceutici srl staff, on every level, is hold responsible for the provisions of Management and Manufacturing Procedures. Therefore everyone is responsible in accordance with their duties of Business System and products to be supplied Quality.