Olcelli Farmaceutici s.r.l.

Olcelli farmaceutici S.r.L. has been working in the pharma-chemical and dietary field for more than 70 years, with a special focus on the hospital sector.

Founded as a galenic workshop right after WWII by Mariuccia De Feo and her husband Mario, in the following years it continued its activity under the guidance of their son Manlio, and today it’s led by Maria Elena Olcelli and her husband Alberto Rivolta.

The Company’s main asset and essential target has always been the pursuit of quality products and services. In this regard, a headquarter structural adjustment being needed, in 1993 the Company moved to a more fitting and up-to-date facility in Giussano. The Company’s family-run philosophy since the beginning has allowed  and promoted a dynamic and adaptive business policy ever aimed at an on-time response to the market changing needs from the standpoint of both quality and regulations.

Olcelli Farmaceutici’s organizational infrastrucutre’s small sizing furthermore allows to quickly answer to Customers’ specific and punctual requests. The Company is equipped with allocation and packing areas in accordance with the highest standards provided for by current rules and is present in hospital facilities nationwide with a wide range of branded products.

Our facility’s versatility and our high level of knowledge in food, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, enable us to satisfy the customers’ variable needs, allowing us to even make products on behalf of third parties

Our Brands