Baby Soap 500ml

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Margherita, the HEART

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A HEART just like mummy’s heart when shewashes her hands with Baby Soap before taking care of the her baby.

A delicate formula liquid soap, enriched with skincare elements and glycerol extracts of organic farmed cardamom and olive tree.

It’s perfect for hand and body hygiene, for a clean, silky and moisturized skin.

According to various traditions cardamom is a precious spice: in India they say it’s such delicate and shy a plant that only a woman’s hands could touch it and pick it, while in Kashmir cardamom seeds are locked in a jewel and kept on brides’ wrists representing the energizing nourishment they’ll bring to their husbands.

Cardamom has always been skin revitalizing, tonic and soothing, being able to placate skin itches.