Moisturing, softening and freshening Cream 50g

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Freshening up and hydrating the most sensitive skins

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Moisturing, softening and nourishing Cream, rich in vegetable glycerol. It protects from the aggressions by external agents, helping fight cracks and rash caused by intensive handwork. It doesn’t burn on dry and cracked skin, and it hydrates and softens the skin preserving its elasticity.

With vegetable glycerol and aloe vera extract.

Gycerol (or glycerin) is derived from natural and vegetal sources, and is renowned for its immensely hydrating properties, giving the skin immediate relief.

Aloe Vera is a plant that’s been known and used for centuries because of its health, beauty and skin-care properties. The name Aloe Vera comes from the Arab word “Alloeh”, meaning “shiny and bitter substance”, while “vera” means “true” in Latin. In this plant are contained more than 75 active substances.

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