Moisturing and Protective Cream 50ml

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Double-action cream: protection and moisturing.

It guarantees the skin the right protection from the elements, like wind and cold. It hydrates and keeps soft even the most craked skin thanks to the properties of its unique softening and soothing vegetal extract.

The formula is studied to better convey zinc oxid’s action. This particular ingredient, a 15% of the whole, is specifically mixed to obtain the ideal application texture. Effectifely protective, the cream creates the perfect weatherproof shield on the skin.

With chamomile,  and Sage extract:

Chamomile (Matricaria), flowers extract: made from “Chamomilla Recutita” flower heads, is employed in a great variety of cosmeticts for sensitive skin treatment, its renowned soothing properties alleviate rash.

(Mallow sylvestris) in an annual plant with shallow palmately lobed leaves and late-spring blossoming purple flowers.  is a commonly used medicinal plant in Iran, where is called Panirak.

Sage (Sage officinalis L. – Lamiaceae) is a mediterranean breed. It is one of the most ancient medicinal plants, and the etymology of its Latin name evokes its healing properties: Sage coming from the Latin verb salvare = to save or to heal, and officinalis means also therapeutic.

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