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Alcohol-free, spray solution for the care and hygiene of piercings. Apply on the skin daily for deep and thorough cleansing. Delicate formula specifically designed to cleanse and moisturise even the most delicate and easily irritated skin.

The combination of aloe juice, witch hazel water and mucilage-rich marshmallow and marigold extracts help to soothe irritations and reduce skin redness. The formulation is completed by precious seawater collected off the French Brehat Islands, very rich in trace elements and Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium mineral salts that soften the skin, moisturising and restoring its normal balance.

Instructions for use: Make sure the piercing is perfectly clean and dry. Spray the solution on the piercing and let it dry without rinsing. Alternatively, spray the product onto a sterile gauze pad, hold it in place and leave it to work.